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    Friction design of soft sealing valve

    1. technical background:


    Existing gate valves in the valve body, valve cover, and the parts are in good condition, is just the sealing face slightly deformation or corrosion, the valve will not be able to use. Repair these valves are not professional factory, so caused great waste. So using unit hope gate valve is: seat, valve plate seal face is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, delicate sealing materials may be substituted. Valve plate in the opening and closing with no friction or try to reduce friction, it can avoid the shortcomings of the soft-sealing gate valve.


    2. the invention of purpose:


    Seating and sealing face of valve plate corrosion or after deformation, can automatically compensate the valve plate and close the cover pressure and pressure automatic balance problem between soft-sealing gate valve, solve the soft sealing material by friction and damage the sealing surface of the problem, because the gate valve seal set can be change, greatly increase the use of the valve.


    3. the practical scope:


    Sizes from 50-400 mm, 2.5 4.0 MPa, pressure of liquid at room temperature is less than 200 ℃


    Four, technical proposal:


    This valve for double parallel slide valve, entry sealing way, the inlet valve plate mainly composed of gland and discharge valve plate seal gate. Gland and unloading valve plate synchronous movement but not connected, pipeline pressure through the discharge valve plate, leveling lever to export the seat, which will greatly improve the adhesion strength of the soft sealing surface. The outside of the valve plate set with corrosion resistant rubber seal set. Soft sealing material in the process of opening and closing, and the seat to keep a certain distance, make the soft sealing material when there is no friction, no fold the working pressure of the environment. Gland will be inside the pipe conveying fluid and valve core component segregation, from the block of the impurities and corrosion of liquid. The valve sealing material change is very convenient, so life is 5 times more than general gate valves.

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